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Saturday, August 6, 2011

GWL Cheer Camp Reminders ...


The girls need to be at the HS parking lot by the tennis courts on Thursday by 9:45 am we are leaving at 10 am sharp. Each girl may bring ONE bag ONLY due to space limitations. We are asking that each girl bring a snack (and for the most part the girls signed up for a specific snack or drink already) to share with their roommates. Also ... each girl needs to bring enough money to cover 2 lunches and Julie and I are taking care of the other meals. Also there are snack shops in GWL so if the girls want a treat or a special item they need to bring money for that as well (optional). The NCA camp offers a merchandise area and if the girls want to buy a shirt or other momento they will need money for that as well (optional).

Please remind your cheerleader that our rooms will NOT be available till 4 pm but we have access to the waterpark immediately so they need to have any waterpark items within reasonable reach. I don't want everyone to have to unpack their entire bag to reach their swimsuit.

Also, I will have basic medical supplies available such as Tylenol, Tums, etc. but I must have permission from a parent to administer any of these items. If you want to send along a permission letter with your "camper" that is fine, otherwise I will need verbal permission from you via phone call. I just want to make this clear that I canNOT hand out Tylenol or any other over-the-counter medication without your permission.

The girls will have ample time to call home between trainings and classes but I will NOT allow phone calls during the actual camp session time. You have invested a lot of money for your daughter to learn and the less distractions the better.

Also, I have reminded but I could use some extra support on this one that the girls must have their nails cut below their fingertips and any jewelry must be removed during camp. Some girls have peircings and jewelry that they seem to not be able to remove ... this is NOT permitted and will NOT be accepted.

I am sure I forgot something but for the most part I think we are ready to go and have a great time! Thank you for your support and I will take lots of pictures to share with all of you. We have the best squads and I am so excited to see how they flourish at camp.

SHS Head Varsity Cheer Coach :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Practice notes

for Tuesday, July 12th ...

Both squads stretched and jumped together. We passed around the Lavendar Festival sign-up sheet work schedule. This is your opportunity to earn money towards your uniform, so I suggest you work as much as you can.

We split for stunting.

Varsity rehearsed Cadence dance with music and got into a "rough" football formation.

JV reviewed cheers.

We did a few Zumba dances and ended with the try-out dance (perfected). :)

Reminder: MANDATORY parent meeting tonight at 6:30 in the cheer room to discuss camp details and sign medical waiver.

Also ... we are meeting at the HS weight room tomorrow at 9 am!! We will then head over to the field, dress accordingly. Also ... bring your poms to practices from now on. I will bring all the newly ordered poms tomorrow!! :)


Thursday, June 30, 2011

Practice agenda ...

for Thursday, June 30

We had a stunting quiz ... which everyone passed with flying colors.

Both teams stunted for a short time.

Varsity conditioned with planks, V ups, squats, lungest, etc.

JV rehearsed cheers and then went through their physical conditioning.

Varsity went through various cheers and taught the 'Cadence Dance'.

There will be practice Thursday, July 7th from 9 am-12 pm in the CS gym. If you are in town you are expected to be there. If you are unable to attend you MUST call your coach. Practice will resume Tuesday, July 12th in the CS gym and Wednesday and Thursday we will practice at the football fields (weather permitting). If the weather doesn't cooperate we will pick an alternate site because the CS gym is being used for the Lavendar Festival.


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Practice agenda ...

for Wednesday, June 29th

Intro to Zumba


Cheers (from All Around list)

Tryout song review

Fight song

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Practice Agenda ...

for Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Watched Crowd Leading video

JV watched a Basic Stunting video

Varsity stunted (halves, fulls and organizing girls into stunt groups)

JV stunted (thigh stands, L-stands, Lib thigh stands)

Reviewed cheers:

S-H-S, We are the best!

Get on up, get on up, and yell for the boys (Wolves)!

Come on, come on, pump it up, pump it up, let's go Wolfpack!

We discussed the girls taking responsibility for their time, attendance and actions. Planning various summer activities. Choosing 'Right' over 'Wrong'. Vacation schedules (please make sure your coach knows of any days that you will be missing cheer). No jewelry at practice. Short nails for cheer. Hair up! I am sure I am forgetting something but the lesson is ... we have lots to cover so please make cheer practice a priority!!! Thank you!!


Monday, June 27, 2011

Attention ALL cheerleaders ...

Beginning Wednesday, August 17th practices become MANDATORY!!! This means that you are required to be present at all practices from August 17th on. If you miss a practice it will effect your eligibility to cheer at the games. We have so many girls coming and going during the summer (which I understand to a point) but everyone was aware when joining cheer that summer practices are a requirement. **Someone today actually said they didn't know practices started tomorrow!!! When I have posted it since tryouts!!** AHHHHH

We have a HUGE performance the 1st day of school, Varsity and JV both have games before school starts, and we need to learn over 100 cheers, several dances and a performance routine. The only way this can be accomplished is if EVERYONE attends practice. Again, if you miss several practices this may cut you from the performance and/or the first few games (if you don't know the cheers and stunts).

Above all our games are a performance. We have to be prepared. It isn't fair to the girls who have perfect attendance and work hard if Julie and I allow someone on the field who is lost and doesn't know the cheers and chants.

Please mark your calendars on August 17th with the mandatory practice date. Typically we take the week off after cheer camp but looking at everyone's vacations schedules this might not be possible. So many girls are gone throughout July that I foresee having to add on Monday practices and even maybe extending a few days to 3 hours.

One other note ... I am struggling to get ahold of several girls. If you get a text from me ... please respond, especially when my text indicates a response. I can't "stalk" 32 girls!!! I also recommend you check the cheer blog DAILY!! Camp money was due today and I am still missing payment from 8 girls!! I cannot pay the balance until I receive all the monies owed. They will only hold our reservation without full payment for so long. Please try to be responsible, do your part and let's work as a team!! I absolutely appreciate all the girls and parents who are diligent in their duties ... it really makes my life so much easier!!! So thank you to those people who paid on time for camp, call me with any changes, and keep track of schedules, etc. :)

Thank you,
Coach Kim

PS I cannot wait to have Captains ... :) I could use the help!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Feels like Christmas ...

because the Fed Ex man just delivered 2 big boxes of cheer gear!!! So excited!! Can't wait to see all the goodies that are yet to come. Yeah!!

Today was the cheer garage sale and for the most part everyone did very well!! I would like to say, "thank you", for all the community support! A HUGE applause to all the parents and cheerleaders who participated. I just absolutely LOVE this group of cheerleaders and parents. I have had more generosity and support than EVER. Also ... I can't say thank yous without mentioning Julie Leaf, our new JV coach. Julie is beyond stellar!! She is motivated, positive and even remembers all the cheers and dances from her days as a SHS cheerleader. I am so excited to have her onboard. :) So ... thank you!!!!!


Camp balances are due this Monday, June 27th. I will be at the cheer room at 11:00 am to take payments. If you are unable to meet me then please call or text to make special arrangements. I absolutely have to get your payments on Monday because I have to send in the money Tuesday.

Practice starts Tuesday, June 28th from 9-11 am. We will be in A3, Christy Ditlefsen's room, to start the morning off so please meet us there. A3 is behind the main HS office, facing the baseball fields. We also have practice Wednesday and Thursday from 9-11 am in the cheer room!!

Have a great weekend! CHEERS!!!! :)